Smartphone ads galore

I’ve been enjoying watching the world series. So far, all my predictions have come true. I’ve correctly predicted the game of every outcome. My prediction for the series is that the Giants will win in Game 6. This means that the Rangers will win tonight.

Anyway, have you noticed all the commercials for Blackberry, Evo, iPhone, and Windows 7 phone? Every other commercial was about a smartphone. There were so many that they began to cancel each other out, at least in my mind. It’s clear from Blackberry’s commercial that they are trying to keep their loyal followers from switching over to the iPhone or an android phone. They were clearly emphasizing how the Torch can be perfect for someone who’s on the go and wants to stay connected with their friends via Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry messenger. It’s interesting how they didn’t even bother talking about the app world. I don’t blame them. The app world is really lacking.

On the other hand Windows 7 had a totally different approach. It wasn’t going after the current users of all the popular smartphones. ConceivablyTech criticizes the commercial as being too complex, but I respectfully disagree. Sure, there are many scenes but I think it communicates a clear message– at least to me. Microsoft isn’t trying to compete with the popular phones out there. It knows that it lacks the cool factor to compete head-on. Rather, it’s trying to send a message to hose who are not yet using smartphones. It’s telling them, “Hey, isn’t it annoying how your friends and colleagues are ALWAYS on their phone? You can take advantage of all the cool features of a smartphone without being glued to your phone.” Whether this strategy will be effective is a whole different story, but the message itself was clear. I actually liked it.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5