Duke Start-Up Challenge: Elevator Pitch Competition

In less than two months from now, one person at Duke University will be crowned as the winner of the 2011 Duke Start-Up Challenge Elevator Pitch Competition. This person, representing a team of other Duke students, will compete against a large crowd of hopefuls.

Last year, Bill Maris of Google Ventures was the keynote speaker. He was joined by Dave Samuel of Freestyle Capital and two other judges who had insightful comments for those who pitched. The winner of the competition was a first year MBA student representing a biotechnology team at Duke.

Who will win it this year? The judge of that will be David Thacker of Greylock Partners, a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Some of their best known recent investments include eVite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora, and Gowalla. I am excited that David will be a part of our Elevator Competition this year.

Clock here for more information on Duke Start-Up Challenge. Come join us on November 12th 2010 at the Fuqua School of Business for this year’s eleveator pitch event.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5


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