Interview with Get Satisfaction

The following is a re-post from Get Satisfaction’s blog:

Interview: Jonathan Lee, Get Satisfaction Intern

A hearty welcome to our intern, Jonathan Lee, who’s working with our Business Development team. Our favorite things about Jonathan so far are that he’s way smart, and gives all of us a ceremonial high-five at 5:00pm each Thursday, so I thought it appropriate to post this at that time. He can also do about a zillion pushups. I thought I’d ask him a few questions to get to know him better.

Ginevra: How’d you find Get Satisfaction?
Jonathan: I first heard about Get Satisfaction through Freestyle Capital, a seed-stage investment fund that I worked with during my first year as an MBA student at Duke University. I was particularly interested in Get Satisfaction because of its tremendous growth potential. There’s an obvious need in this space and Get Satisfaction does a good job of meeting that need for tens of thousands of communities.

Ginevra: You’re in school – what are you in school for?
Jonathan: I am studying at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. I decided to go back to school after working for a few years so that I can make the necessary connections to join an early-stage Internet start-up or start my own Internet start-up. So far, I’m happy that my plan has worked out well. It’s good to be here at Get Satisfaction for the summer working on various business development efforts.

Ginevra: What’s your favorite part of San Francisco so far (other than working here, of course?)
Jonathan: Other than The Satisfactory, my favorite part of San Francisco thus far is the area around Presidio. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the City from Presidio is breath-taking. I also love the Mission District. I think it has a cool, edgy feel to it.

Ginevra: What was your first job?
Jonathan: My first job out of college was with a small business & technology consultancy. My colleagues were great and I really liked the company, but I couldn’t handle living out of my suitcase from Monday to Friday so I left and got a different job after logging nearly 150,000 airline miles in 18 months.

Ginevra: How many pushups can you do?
Jonathan. One of my goals for the summer is to be able to do 1,000 push-ups a day (during when I’m in the office). Right now, I can do 400 push-ups so I have a lot to go. That said, I think I can get there if I can stay consistent and disciplined.

Ginevra: So what’s with the Thursday high fives at 5?
Jonathan: My Twitter handle is thursdayhi5at5 (edit: it’s now hi5at5). I started a tradition at my last job of giving my colleagues a high-five each Thursday to celebrate the coming weekend. I am told the tradition is still being kept alive. Of course, I brought this ritual with me to Get Satisfaction.

Twitter: @hi5at5

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