What fuels my passion

A few years ago, I volunteered at the AIDS Care and Treatment Project in Ethiopia.  The Project recently produced a new video showing what they do and how they do it. Ethiopia ACT has helped more than 20,000 HIV victims regain health, hope, and life. Their video is very moving and I’m not ashamed to admit that cried when I first watched it.

One of my goals in life is to help the sickest of the sick, the poorest of the poor, the broken, the socially marginalized, and those who are oppressed. You see them everyday, especially if you live in a large city like New York, L.A., San Francisco or Boston. You would also see them in many developing countries around the world. Did you know that nearly half of the world lives on less than $2 a day? That’s crazy considering I spent $6.57 just on dinner tonight at Pancho Villa Taqueria (the best fish tacos ever by the way).

I wrote in my application essay to Duke MBA that I want to succeed as an entrepreneur in the U.S. so that I can take that experience and mentor entrepreneurs in developing countries- i.e. teach them how to fish.

This has been my dream since I was a kid in high school and it is the vision that fuels my passion.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5


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