Sillicon Valley bound in January

I’ll be heading out to the Bay area in early January with the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club at Fuqua. We’ve been fortunate enough to line up networking events with some big name firms on Sand Hill Road so I’m pretty excited about this trip. What gets me even more excited, however, is the chance to meet some of their portfolio companies as well as the entrepreneurs/startups I’ve gotten to learn about through Freestyle Capital.

Since most companies I’m interested in don’t come and recruit on campus, I’ll have to make the extra effort of networking with companies on my own. I feel like I’m putting all my eggs in one basket by going after jobs only at startups and entrepreneurial technology-oriented companies… but I suppose I can’t be averse to risk as an aspiring entrepreneur.

By Jonathan Lee

Twitter: @hi5at5

One response to “Sillicon Valley bound in January

  1. There's a group of us Fuquans in the Silicon Valley who are currently in the Cross Continent program. Tweet me if you want to arrange a happy We have people from Google, Ebay, Apple, Cisco. Not small, feisty startups, but it could be a good networking opportunity.-Liz

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