Suffering from MBA sleep deprivation syndrome

I’ve been incredibly tired lately. I feel like I live at Fuqua. Come to think of it, I think I’ve gone to school everyday for the past two weeks. I don’t think that’s very healthy. Juggling a full load of classes on top of my internship with Freestyle Capital and Program for Entrepreneurs work with General Nano and Medici Medical Technologies has been a challenge. I enjoy the work, but my sleep is definitely taking a back seat these days. I barely have time to read the news. Thankfully Twitter does a decent job of keeping me up to date. 🙂

I just read someone’s Facebook update that said, “Sleep is for the week.” I think, in my case, it’s more like “Sleep is for the dead.” Maybe I’ll get to catch up on some sleep this weekend. For now, I have to prepare for a mock interview I have with a Second Year. To do that, I have to write a mock cover letter to Microsoft. I’m actually going to apply for a Product Manager Intern position with MSFT so this will be a good practice. I am avoiding large companies like the plague, but MSFT is among some of the few technology companies I would like to learn more about.

Back to cover letter writing…

By Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5


One response to “Suffering from MBA sleep deprivation syndrome

  1. sounds like they work you hard down there at Duke. i think things are a bit more relaxed here at bu…

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