Wiggio makes it easy to work in groups

I finally found a cool pre-mba internship! I’ll be working for Wiggio this summer before heading off to b-school. Wiggio is a fantastic online startup that makes working in groups very easy. On Wiggio, you can share and edit files, manage a group calendar, poll your group, post links, set up conference calls, chat online and send mass text, voice, and email messages to your group members. Each group member can define how they want to keep informed of group activity. Wiggio has a wicked cool user interface and is easy to use. As you can tell from the description, it’s much more practical than google or yahoo groups. I think this company has a great potential, which is why I decided to join. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, saying to myself, “C’mon. That’s what google groups are for.” Well, I was wrong. I gave it a try and was immediately sold on the idea. Here’s a video demo:

I’ll get to wear many hats at Wiggio this summer. I’ll help Wiggio solidify its strategy and think of creative ways to increase its user-base through implementing outreach efforts. Check out some of reviews of Wiggio on cnet, college mogul, and TechCrunch.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5

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