Capture every moment from your event using Canditto

I came across a truly unique startup called Canditto at the Babson College startup fair. There were actually several great startups there that I will write about later, but Canditto, which was found by a Babson MBA, was one of the companies that really stood out to me. Why? Because its 2 x2 patent-pending kiosk allows the event planner to capture every single picture taken by his/her guests. This would have been great for my wedding!

I still would have used my professional photographer, but the reality is that she could not and did not capture every precious moment from the wedding and the reception. She wasn’t even at the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner because of cost reasons.

Canditto charges a small rental fee and ships the product directly to its customer for a week rental. All you have to do is put the kiosk out on a table at your event and have your guests insert their digital camera flash cards into it at the end of the event for a quick file transfer.

How’s that for a simple, yet amazingly cool idea? Consider using Canditto for your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate events, etc.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5


One response to “Capture every moment from your event using Canditto

  1. What a great product. Maybe I should use it for my wedding!-M

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