I’m really going to update this blog

I’ve kept several blogs throughout the past few years, but they were mainly personal and… sporadic. I would post a few blogs here and there and eventually get lazy and let the blog die out.l I’m determined to not let that happen this time. It’s a lousy excuse, but I have legitimately been busy. Planning a wedding, going through the b-school application process and looking for a place to live while working a full-time job leaves little time for blogging. So in the spirit of keeping the momentum going (or should I say reviving?) I’ll talk briefly about a cool start-up called Echo Nest I came across recently.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a technology-guru. I don’t exactly understand the details behind how the technology works, but basically, Echo Nest is capable of “listening” to hundreds of thousands of songs and converting them into XML files. It also has the ability to scour the web for articles, reviews, and blogs about certain songs or artists. This allows them to gain a holistic view of all sorts of songs of various artists and genres. As Echo Nest puts it, it has a “musical brain.” Echo Nest is sort of like Pandora Radio, but it my opinion, I think it might be better from a pure business standpoint. Pandora has its limitations because it takes real people to analyze music. I have no doubt that the experts who analyze songs based on hundreds of musical attributes covering melody, rhythm, lyrics, style, etc. can do a great job of helping listeners customize their radio station. However, it has its limitations since people can listen to only so many songs. What makes me think Echo Nest has the potential to be even better is the fact that it can listen to a lot more songs.

Also, I believe Echo Nest isn’t end-consumer-facing. And I believe that’s the correct strategy. There are many established channels like Amazon, Best Buy, and iTunes that would love to get their hands on this technology. Whether Echo Nest licenses its technology or sells its technology to top music distributors, it can stand to make a lot of money if its technology is all that is hyped up to be. There have been other start-ups like Echo Nest that have flopped. Let’s see if Echo Nest can do what others weren’t able to do.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5

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