How the U.S. can revive its economy

UK to Inject $1.5 Billion into Tech Startups

Apparently, our neighbor across the Atlantic thought it would be wiser to pump money into its economy as a preventative measure than to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to fix it later. I suppose it’s too late for us to do anything preventative at this point, but we can still help great companies survive this economic turmoil. I hope our President-Elect learns from the British.

With the IPO market virtually shut, many venture-backed companies will need to find alternative ways to raise capital. Maybe the federal government can establish its own venture fund and manage it with some all-star GPs. Hey, if we are going to recruit a CTO, why not some GPs for an investment fund, right? Who knows, maybe I’ll actually see a check in the mail if the fund does well.

By: Jonathan Lee
Twitter: @hi5at5

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